Version 0


  • Fix: In some files were an mispronunciation of Framy
  • Fix: Removed some unnecessary files
  • New: Documentation and API Reference files


  • Fix: helper function app() default namespaces had wrong spelling
  • Fix: little fetch issue in view
  • New: helper function pathTo() gives the path to the project and adds the possibility to add some path


  • I am an stupid moron


  • New: Cookie comp.
  • Fix: Issue #12, #13, #14


  • New: Fetch support for View comp.


  • New: Added EventManagerTrait for Model Comp.


  • New: Moved bootstrap file in to bootstrap folder and exported helper in to a separate file
  • New: start page template
  • New: helper function app, to call methods and store the class instance.
  • New: helper function url, to get the URL completely by only entering shit like: /test to
  • Fix: Spelling correction


  • New: Changed the View Comp. you can now edit template path and compile template path in an new config file (view)
  • New: version available in app config file
  • Fix: resolved some issues: like an missing semicolon.
  • Fix(kind of): some shitty clean up work, like remove empty spaces.


  • New: Model component
  • New: View comp.
  • Changed Database comp.
  • Made the Code a little more beautiful
  • maybe more I forgot about


  • init version