Directory Structure


The default Framy application structure is intended to provide a great starting point for both large and small applications. Of course, you are free to organize your application however you like. Framy imposes almost no restrictions on where any given class is located.

The Root Directory

In the root directory is every file of the project and Framy.

The app Directory

Inside the app directory, as you might expect, are all the core Class of your code and Framys. However especially for you its required to know that specially folder custom is for you. Because you are Special. Happy Birthday.

The config Directory

The config directory, as the name implies, contains all the config files. It's a great idea toread through all of these files and familiarize yourself with all of the options available to you.

The public Directory

The public directory contains the index.php file, which is the entry point for all requests entering your application. This directory also houses your assets such as images, JavaScript, and CSS.

The routes Directory

The routes directory contains the files web.php and api.php. Where you register the web an api routes.

The storage Directory

The storage directory contains your views as well as your raw, un-compiled assets such as LESS, SASS, or JavaScript. This directory also houses all of your language files and everything else you want to store.

The App Directory

The app Directory which contains the core code of Framy. And your code, in the custom directory. For further information about the core code see Framy API Reference.